The Groove Collection
This collection juxtaposes shiny silver with colorful polymer by way of the grooves
I add to the design of the silver. Each design is available in five color options
(shown below). Add some groove to your wardrobe — t
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S H O P   G R O O V E
About the Groove Collection
This collection involves juxtaposing precious metal (silver) with polymer clay (plastic).
I enjoy the contrasts between these elements — the white, shiny, reflective quality
of the silver vs. the colorful and patterned, matte and opaque polymer. I find these contrasts
exciting — bridging the organic with the man-made, with one foot in the
natural world and the other plastic, immediate and whimsical.
Five Color Options
Each color has a different personality to suit your own taste,
but they all get along well when hanging together, too.

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