About to Launch Something Brand New!

What's cool about these pendants is that they are so beautifully reversible!

The pod has always called out to me. Its shape resonates with me because it's so grounded in growth and nature and I've had this sense that an entire universe lives within its walls, ready to burst open with new life.

And I've always been curious about gemstones. The way they sparkle as they catch the light, their translucencies, and beautiful, natural colors and textures.

So, I've found a way to playfully combine these two elements—the silver pod shape inlaid with crushed gemstones—and I've come up with a new collection (ModPod) that I'll be launching very soon!

I'm starting with just 4 gemstones—Apatite (lt blue), Amethyst (purple), Peridot (lt green) and Spinel (red).

Beautiful stones—Amethyst, Peridot, Apatite, and Spinel

If there's one thing I learned from 2020, it's about testing the waters before committing to tons of inventory. So to start, I have just 8 pairs of earrings and about 12 pendants. The collection comes with a choice of patterns on the front sides (dots, stripes, line, zigzag, and peapod) and a solid gemstone inlay on the backside, all of which my mailing list will see first.

If this new collection excites you and you want to find out more, join my mailing list today! My subscribers always receives first dibs on new work. You won't want to miss this new launch!