ModPod Inlaid with Your Choice of Gemstones!

As I put the final touches on this very soon-to-be-announced ModPod collection, I realize that some of you might like to choose your own gemstone inlays. So, I'm leaving a handful of the designs open for you to choose! And since it's reversible, you can choose a different gemstone for each side of the piece (see picture below).

I have quite a few gemstones that I'm exploring, but for the grand opening of the collection I am limiting the choices to 5 stones (L - R): citrine, amethyst, peridot, apatite, and spinel. They all have this beautiful bright, colorful, translucent gem sparkle. They are just beautiful. What's your favorite?

So don't miss out! On Wednesday, Feb. 24, I will be offering ModPod to my mailing list to get a head start before I offer to the public. I'm starting out with small quantities, and with the enthusiasm I have been receiving, you will want to get on my mailing list before next Wednesday—sign up today!