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Empty Nesting and Studio Expansion

There were sounds of banging, sawing and drilling and a few strange men traipsing through my house when I began writing this blog post a few weeks ago but now the work is done and my studio is twice the size. We knocked down a wall!

Lola has already claimed one of my chairs as hers.

I began Nancy Marland Jewelry when my daughters were in high school and now, 7 years later, my youngest daughter, Meredith, graduated college, secured a great job and found an apartment in Boston. My older daughter, Lauren, has since moved out of the house, leaving us with an empty nest. It's an exciting time for them, but bitter sweet for my husband and I. So, I'm putting the newly acquired space to good use!

As you can imagine, with all the changes happening here, it's been really hard to focus on designing and making jewelry. And now the time has come, things are settling into place and I finally have room to spread out and explore new work, try new things in progress.

Here's a few pictures of the new and evolving space... Stayed tuned for new work to follow soon!


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