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Creative Goals for 2021

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

I'm sure every single one of us is happy and relieved to be out of 2020. I recall 2019, having been such a great growth year for me, at the end of it I readied myself for a huge and prosperous 2020, which never was. So, I enter 2021 with both hope and caution—one day at a time.

January is that time of year when we get hopeful and excited about our strategy for the year. And with the pandemic still in full swing, I have some time to ponder, to pivot, to plan for great things to happen later in the year.

I've decided to focus my first half of this year to refining my Groove and Bebop collections. I'm excited to explore sculptural inlays with gemstones and new polymer patterns, along with silver surface variations and I can't wait to share my explorations with you!

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