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Creature Comforts

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Wow, suddenly summer is over and it’s been quite a while since I’ve been in touch! While I’d like to say I’ve been busy traveling the world or relaxing on a beach somewhere warm, unfortunately that’s not the case. Though, admittedly, it's not really unfortunate. I think I’d go a little crazy just sitting around when my heart is calling me to be creative. I really love this work and I’ve been busy showing and making enough inventory to keep up with demand. I’m on a roll and it’s been a great summer!

My daughters, great friends and customers alike feeling groovy and comfortable while wearing pendants and earrings from the Groove collection.

That said, especially when you’re crazy busy, comfort is important. Comfort is a momentary vacation, even if it’s just a cool breeze on your face while standing in a hot tent on a humid 98 degree day -- an experience I had encountered quite a bit this past summer. I had wanted to write this blog about those moments and challenges back in July and the battery-operated tools that make those mini vaca moments possible. But now that we’re in October I’d like to adjust my focus a bit. Creature comforts are needed throughout the year and I will talk about the importance of comfortable jewelry since it’s come up in conversation a bit lately during shows.

Humid 98 degree day at the Sono Art Festival in South Norwalk, CT, with the great Ryobi fan.

But first, let me tell you about the fans we bought for those dog days of summer that got us (and our customers!) through. It’s the Ryobi Lithium battery fan in funky wasabi green. This fan seriously saved us during some of the hottest weather we faced. It’s not super cheap, but the investment was well worth it! While most of you aren’t standing in a hot tent selling fine craft jewelry, anyone would enjoy this fan while weeding, or just sipping a glass of lemonade in the hot sun. It’s a powerful little fan that you can enjoy for hours before the battery runs out of juice.

Speaking of investments in comfort, there are also investments in style and fashion, but that doesn’t mean you must go without comfort! I don’t own a pair of high heels for this reason but I do like funky shoes. In my world, casual comfort is key and I give this considerable thought while designing and making jewelry.

I’ve been getting great feedback from my customers regarding my lightweight and comfortable Groove collection. I often don’t wear jewelry because I don’t want to feel something on my neck, nor do I want the weight of heavy earrings to pull at my lobes and I hear this a lot from my customers. But when I put on a pendant that’s hanging on the soft drape silver cable wire with the friction clasp, I literally don’t feel a thing and often forget it’s there until someone notices it and comments about it. The pendants are lightweight and the shape of the cable wire sits very comfortably on the neck without rubbing into the sides of your neck. The earrings are super lightweight, too.

My daughter, Lauren, wearing a pendant and earrings (in wasabi green) from my Groove collection.

Come to a show and try some on! I have quite a few shows coming up as we approach the holiday season. Check out my EVENTS page to find out where I’ll be throughout October and November. If you read this blog post and mention creature comforts I will be happy to give you 10% off your purchase!

Hope to see you soon!



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