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My cute little white pup with my black and white Bebop bracelets

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Coton de Tulear dog with Nancy Marland Jewelry Bebop silver and polymer bracelets

Though he's not a puppy anymore, there's nothing cuter in this world (to me, of course) than my beloved Leo, a 12-year old Coton de Tulear. Last time I posted I mentioned Leo's brother Remy (who's 14). At that time we weren't sure Remy was going to make it though the weekend, but thankfully he's completely recovered with the help of some heavy doses of prednisone.

So I thought I'd give Leo a little air play and thought he'd make a great backdrop for my black & white bracelets from my Bebop collection. These bracelets are comfortable, casual and fun and they come in a variety of colors — check them out!


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