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My love of black & white patterns in my three hanging ovals pendant and a coffee cup

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Yep, there it is in black and white. At the core of my being is a doodler with a fine black roller ball pen in hand. Scattered newspapers, magazines and junk mail envelopes are covered in doodles around my house, always...

3 hanging oval pendant and ceramic cup

So it's not surprising to see where this lands in my work. I bought this beautiful sgraffito ceramic cup (sgraffito is a technique of scratching the surface to create this pattern in clay) from James Guggina a potter and fellow exhibitor at the Coolidge Corner Arts Festival in early June this year and it's become my daily coffee cup since. I think you can see why. I love how this cup exposes the antiquity of where these patterns originate: the Greek, the Aztecs, patterns in nature, they all have a universal source, deeply connecting and forever contemporary.

I use a variety of these patterns in my work and the black and white really pops in my Bebop collection. The high contrast and limited, bold palette make for a piece that's not short on creative expression. I hope you find these beautiful patterns resonate with you, too.

And just for the fun of it, here's a quick sampling of some fresh doodles I just happen to have kicking around this morning as I write this. The doodle on the local newspaper happened last night while discussing the college essay with my daughter, Meredith. My hands just have to keep busy! :-)


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