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Showing my jewelry and finding beach treasures in Wellfleet, MA

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

I don't visit Cape Cod often enough as it turns out. I'm usually deterred by the traffic but since I was exhibiting at a mid-week event (The Cape Cod Society of Arts & Crafts event) traffic wasn't an issue and the bonus was that I got to stay with a friend who has a beautiful home in Wellfleet.

Wellfleet is just gorgeous everywhere you turn. Between the beaches, the marshes, the oysters, it's a feast for all the senses. When we visited the beach on our way home from the show we came across this table full of horseshoe crabs that someone had collected it seemed fitting to take off what I had been wearing all day (a pendant from my Groove collection) and take a shot. I think you can see in my work my water influence in the polymer patterns.

We ate at a wonderful restaurant called Mac's Shack in Wellfleet, which I highly recommend. Great farm to table fare, great sushi, and if you like oysters you won't find any better than in Wellfleet, and the blood orange mai tai was pretty amazing, too.

Just a fantastic trip to the Cape, and I've discovered the traffic is worth it.


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