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The art of competition and new work on the horizon

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

This time of year I'm busy applying to Florida shows for February and March 2020. I’ve got a bunch of them lined up that I’ve applied to but as with *all* artists, and especially jewelry designers, there’s no guarantee of acceptance and there are always a few rejections among the acceptances.

Nancy Marland Jewelry Gasparilla brooch
My submission for the Gasparilla competition

That said, "onward I go as the Hakken-Kraks howl" with confidence that my work is interesting and unique and might capture the imaginations of the craft show event jurors. I will keep you posted (especially my Florida friends) as to where I’ll be this coming winter of 2020 once everything has been decided.

In the meantime, there’s a show that I would so very much like to get into -- the Gasparilla Festival of the Arts -- happening at the end of February in Tampa. Acceptance into this show is a long shot for me -- it's my first time applying and I’m still new in the huge, competitive field of jewelry designers. There are so many fantastic designers, and not nearly enough spots at these events to accommodate us all in the jewelry category (about 5 jewelry designers for every spot in the jewelry category!), so I will take it in stride if I get the rejection letter and try again next year. I don’t envy these jurors their task of choosing!

The coordinators of the Gasparilla event, now in its 50th year, have invited all artists to submit an anniversary festival image. They are looking for a visual representation of “how art, music and nature combine to unite us by creating a dynamic and vibrant community.”

So, here is my entry (above). It's a comp of a large brooch that, if selected, I will create out of silver and polymer. This image was made using Photoshop. It is composed of elements that are simple, abstract and joyful -- four colored patterns that I created in polymer clay (then photographed and brought into Photoshop), the white cut out shapes will be silver in the final piece. These four quadrants represent palm trees, water, sun and community.

This design is born out of new work that I’m very excited about. In the coming weeks I will be unveiling some new designs and new collections. For me, designing is the best part of this work and I look forward to sharing new work with all of you!

So stay tuned and wish me luck! :-)


Nancy Marland Jewelry designers desk
The designer's desk...


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