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The Hairy Creatures of Big Nazo and a Groovie Twosie Silver Pendant

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

You never know when you'll be surrounded by crazy wild animals so you'd best to be sporting the appropriate fun jewelry for the occasion!

I don't know how these guys do it. It was a hot day in Marblehead, MA a couple of weekends ago and I had a booth at the Marblehead Festival of Arts Artisans Market. Suddenly I see and hear this tall, sassy-mouthed dog named Ratzo and his renegade of zany characters coming my way. Ratzo was the witty spokesman, spouting out funny-rude comments you'd expect from a gutter dog, while the others were either mute or echoed and supported Ratzo.

I was sporting my Groovie Twosie, a silver pendant with inlaid polymer clay. I think it fit in quite well with the fun and expressive spirit of this group. I just added some new pics of this piece on my website. Here's a link: Groovie Twosie pendant.

Notice the wide open, crazy-eyed smiles! LOL!! Big Nazo is a performance group out of Providence, RI. They are a fun and charismatic group, consisting of many different types of irreverent and comedic characters. I hope you get a chance to experience them!

OK, now back ta woyk!

Nancy :-)


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