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Moving Beyond my Water Collection

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

I have been thinking about and planning this for a long time. And in all honesty, there's a big part of me that's resisting it, too. This process is somewhat bittersweet for me.

I mean, this was my very first baby as a jewelry designer! So much of my identity, and yours as well, is wrapped up in water. I live near the ocean and find it infinitely inspiring — still do. When I was just learning how to walk as a jewelry designer, the very first questions were: who am I? and what am I trying to express in this work? The first answers were about my (and our) connection to water! It's literally 70% of our bodies and covers 70% of the planet!

All that said, while ushering these pieces towards this sale, I am excited about new things in the world of jewelry design. I have discovered that I am (as are you) complex, and I (as do you) have many things to say! I need to make room and space for those things to express themselves.

But in the meantime, please do take a look at my Water Collection! I've been proud of my early steps as a jewelry designer and I hope you'll find something you like. I have a few of each of the Water collection pieces left — when they're gone, they're gone!

I will be announcing this sale this week, sale starts April 2, and first dibs will be to the people on my email list. So, if you're not already signed up — sign up today!

If you are reading this beyond April 6th, 2020, and interested in knowing what's left of my Water pieces, please get in touch!


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