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What's New?

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

Well, for starters, 2021 is still new, so, Happy New Year!

It's so great to be moving beyond 2020 and into this new year with new ideas with renewed hope for a creative and productive year.

Nancy Marland Jewelry - what's on the bench
A quick snapshot of work on my bench. I am looking forward to sharing new work as it happens.

As I reflect on 2020, in many ways, slowing down and taking a long break wasn't all bad. There are times that we need to contemplate where we are and recharge our batteries in order to see the world, and the work, in new ways.

And now my engines are fully charged for 2021 and I am taking on the year with a lot of exploratory design ideas. Much of my passion is in the sculptural and tactile aspects of design so I've begun to explore a more sculptural approach to the inlays for the Groove collection and also to break through and create some really new and more sculptural designs.

I look forward to sharing how things evolve in 2021— I hope you'll stay in touch!

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